Why Sea-Fire?
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Why Sea-Fire?

Why Sea-Fire?

No need for second chances with our marine fire safety systems

With our Sea-Fire fire safety systems, there is no need to actively fight a fire in the engine room. Sea-Fire suppressant systems deploy immediately excess heat energy has been detected. Our systems deliver optimum extinguishing performance.

Manual activation is also available, utilising a cable release safely located outside the protected compartment to further minimise the risk of fire damage upon detection of smoke or flames.

Sea-Fire’s main focus is to protect people and your safety is our priority. Sea-Fire’s innovative design is the first to feature a custom developed safety pin which protects the installer, the service technician, and the vessel operator/owner from accidental discharge during system installation and maintenance.

Innovation & Sustainability

We are recognised as the sustainable replacement solution for global warming extinguishants, Sea -Fire engineering personnel developed NOVEC 1230 marine fire suppression systems. In partnership with leading international and innovative 3M Corporation, inventor of NOVEC TM 1230 fire extinguishant, Sea-Fire NOVEC 1230 systems enjoy worldwide acceptance and approval. The same extinguishing agent used to protect sensitive computer equipment, library records and museum artefacts, NOVEC 1230 is the next generation solution for marine applications enjoying zero ozone depletion potential and virtually zero global warming potential. Sustainable and sound fire protection. Additionally, NOVEC 1230 leaves no residue, does not harm machinery and equipment, and is non-toxic with no adverse effect on people.

Excellent Customer Service

All our marine fire safety systems meet strict testing and approval standards; however, should you experience any issues with a Sea-Fire product or component, please contact our team and we will be happy to demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent customer service. At Sea-Fire Europe, we aim to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, every time.

Contact Sea-Fire Europe

If you have any queries, regarding our marine fire safety systems, please call us on:
+44 (0) 2392 679666, or contact us online.